OrbitalPay’s feature-rich gateway service provides the capabilities you need to create or complete your credit card processing solution. The OrbitalPay Gateway is a flexible solution that works with any of the OrbitalPay banking partners, enabling international and domestic billing.

The OrbitalPay Gateway allows you to process any major credit card quickly and securely. You are able to accept transactions online, using a virtual terminal, and through recurring billing features. 

The OrbitalPay Gateway features real-time reporting, member reports, fraud lists, customer contact lists, ROI and profit reports. The online administration area features tools for affiliates and webmasters, enabling the management of customer databases and reporting features.

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We Also Provide Merchant Accounts

You don’t have to maintain relationships with multiple businesses to create a payment gateway and set up a merchant account! OrbitalPay can provide you with an advanced, secure gateway for payments and work with you to create your merchant account!

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With your OrbitalPay payment gateway, you can give your customers a fast, secure way to pay online for your services. We offer better payment options as well as reporting and analytics tools, security, and guidance that comes from a team with 25+ years in payment processing for the adult industry. For more information, call (888) 776-8801 or email info@orbitalpay.com.

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