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High-Risk Merchants &
Their Payment Needs

High-risk credit card processing is much like any other type of credit processing:
A merchant account is set up with an acquiring bank, and they hold the power to either approve or disapprove requested transactions. Rest assured that approval is the norm, and payments will only be disapproved if there is good reason to do so.

What makes high-risk credit card processing different from other business types is simply the hesitancy of acquiring banks to open high risk merchant accounts.

High risk payment processing is typically reserved for the following types of businesses:

The Challenges and Benefits of
High Risk Payment Processing

The largest challenge associated with high risk merchant accounts is the rates and fees. They are sure to be higher than a typical account, but some account providers will take this standard too far, asking for upwards of eight percent in some cases. The other challenge is finding an account provider that caters to high risk businesses. 

The most obvious benefit to a high risk merchant account is the ability to accept debit and credit card payments safely and conveniently. Denying your business the ability to securely complete credit card transactions could greatly hinder your potential for profit.

Our support staff works just as hard with you as with any other business to ensure that things go smoothly. Not only can we help you set up an ideal high risk merchant account, we can set up multiple accounts when necessary. 

Some businesses benefit greatly from having “backup” accounts, which allow them to spread the risk involved with their transactions over multiple networks. This ensures that business runs smoothly, even if something goes wrong with one of your accounts.

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