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OrbitalPay,LLC integrates with Premier Affiliate Program Software Platform MPA3

Cypress, CA - July 1, 2008

OrbitalPay,LLC today announced it is certified with MPA3 – a leading affiliate program software platform.

The inspiration for this integration came from current and potential OrbitalPay, LLC users asking for affiliate programs. The idea that there could be even more functionality to OrbitalPay’s large list of tracking features caught the attention of a OrbitalPay, LLC owner Steve Bryson who thought it might be a good added feature. A month later,MPA3 was added to the’s robust list of merchant friendly features.

"OrbitalPay, LLC has complete integration into the MPA3 affiliate tracking platform. As we continue to provide our own cutting-edge products, we want merchants to have the option to stay with vendors that they have a comfort level with. While we certainly can and do track affiliate traffic and payouts, MPS3 provides a fantastic product allowing clients much latitude when selecting OrbitalPay,LLC," said OrbitalPay, LLC’s Chief Executive Officer Steven H. Bryson.

The primary markets for OrbitalPay,LLC’s alternative payment system are online service providers and retailers, such as online adult content providers and high risk online retailers or in situations where smaller discrete transactions are desired as well as personal information kept private. At present, MPA3 has provided significant potential visibility for the payment option, providing brand awareness for future diversification into Internet retailing. The integration also offers the merchants direct access to the thousands of sites that use these platforms and allows the OrbitalPay,LLC system to seamlessly work with these affiliate programs.

OrbitalPay,LLC is built on the idea that merchants, risk prevention personnel, and customer service users should never have to guess on customer issues, or struggle to find the sales information they receive. Key features of OrbitalPay,LLC include:

Multiple Search: Built on search technology, OrbitalPay,LLC enables merchants and administrators to quickly search every bit of information customers send or receive. Using keywords, partial data, or advanced search features, OrbitalPay,LLC users can find what they need exactly when they need it.

Sort and investigate: OrbitalPay,LLC believes people should be able to sort the sales and traffic information a multitude of ways to get the information they need to make the necessary business level decisions. That's why OrbitalPay,LLC comes with all the documentation to determine your customers’ value for support and marketing purposes – more than 100 times what most other billing services offer.

Speed: OrbitalPay,LLC can give your customers the support they need faster and more efficiently by eliminating the need to set up your own call center. We provide 24/7 support and a toll free number for you and your customers. You can track any browser conflicts with your site or dead links on your content, as well as tracking your customers’ movement on your site. You can also diagnose and correct your site errors in record time and send internal notices to your other employees. On individual transactions, you have the ability to show messages in our secure site and eliminate annoying spam- email messages on this internal system, all at your fingertips.

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