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Local Businessman Donates 20,000 Meals for the
Holiday Season

Long Beach, CA - November 24, 2009

Steve Bryson is a successful businessman running multiple companies including a merchant credit card processing firm as well as a record label, socially conscientious, and a highly resourceful man. In addition, he possesses a heart of gold, evidenced by his actions Monday night.

Bryson, Chief Executive Officer of the Cypress-based Global Electronic Technology, Inc. (GET)/OrbitalPay, LLC and founder of Never Forgotten Foundation (NFF), a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization donated 2,500 pounds of turkey and other meat products, 700lbs of ground beef, 1000lbs of chicken as well as enough canned and dried food to feed over 10,000 people. Other items consisted of thousands of pounds of canned vegetables, breakfast items, and bags of flour, sugar, pasta, and rice to help make the holiday season brighter to those who frequent the Long Beach Rescue Mission (LBRM) every day.

“I have long held the belief that charity should began at home. When we arrived last year during our initial donation and saw the long lines of people around the building and the dire need for food at the shelter, I wanted to make certain that we would more than double our efforts this year. It is my heartfelt desire to ensure that at least during this holiday season, not a single person in Long Beach would go hungry,” states Steven H. Bryson.

These annual donations, solely funded by Bryson, has enabled him to develop key relationships with many local businesses such as Costco in Cypress as well as Smart & Final stores in Cypress and Lakewood to help provide well-balanced and nutritional meals for the homeless. With the collaboration of many who were gracious in their donations or gave discounts on purchased items, Bryson was able to maximize the amount of people fed. He also enlisted the help of his GET employees, who showed up in mass to help unload the massive amount of food from the 27 foot truck that was rented this very purpose.

“The amount of food purchased has never been seen before. We felt fortunate to have been part of such a great deed,” said Nick Espinosa, owner of Signal Hill’s Casa de Carne, who also donated hundred of pounds of patties, sausage links, and crab cakes.

Last year, Bryson donated what was estimated to be enough food for 8,000 meals. This year Fred Sigrist, Director of Food Service at the LBRM, estimated that Bryson has exceeded the previous donation for an estimated 20,000 meals.

According to LBRM President and Chief Executive Officer Reverend James Lewis, “This is the time of year when many people are drawn to think about others, which is a blessing. We provide immediate needs which begin with a meal and a hand-up to start a positive change in their lives.”

News source CNN reported last week that at least one million children a month in the United States have no food security. This suggests that they skip a meal or a full day of food at least once a month. The NFF beneficiaries are orphaned children of war and poverty along with any persons in need. During this financial crisis, the amount of impoverished children has increased dramatically. With this as food for thought, Bryson decided that it was his civil duty to prevent as many Long Beach children as possible from going hungry during this holiday season.

Philanthropy is highly valued and commonplace in the Bryson household. His daughter, Samantha Bryson, volunteers at the shelter each week. His son, Scott Bryson, is a paratrooper with the U.S. Army Special Forces Unit 82nd Airborne Division and has just returned from fifteen (15) months of combat deployment in Iraq.

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