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2000- 2010 Global Electronic Technology, Inc. (GET) / OrbitalPay, LLC Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Cypress, CA – June 1st, 2010

Global Electronic Technology, Inc. (GET)- a premier credit card processor and sister company to OrbitalPay, LLC- will celebrate its 10th birthday today. A decade ago, Founder and Chief Executive Officer Steven H. Bryson had a vision for a new company that held itself to the highest standard of excellence through its ability to provide merchants with superior customer service and truly progressive technical prowess. Today, that vision is very much a reality. For the past 10 years, GET has been providing quality products and services as well as maintaining a robust ISO relations program. In addition, GET maintains two payment gateways in order to offer comprehensive and specialized payment solutions that meet the needs of both e-commerce and retail merchants. This ability to cater to a vast array of merchants supported by a strong operations and customer service team, propelled GET to the forefront of the merchant services industry.

"What started out 10 years ago as a one-man operation has grown into a sustainable business that has exceeded everyone's expectations," said Bryson." Through our commitment to provide world-class customer service coupled with leading-edge technology, we are able to anticipate our merchants' needs and by helping them grow, we grow. I believe that is one of the reasons we have been so successful. We are extremely proud of this milestone, and grateful to all of our friends and merchants who made this accomplishment possible. The past 10 years have been significant, and we look forward to the next 10 years with our current partners and merchants as well as forging new relationships."

Global Electronic Technology, Inc.'s corporate culture of "service" extends beyond its merchants to include those in need in an effort to give back to the community through relief and charitable endeavors. "I've always focused on humanitarian and philanthropic projects as a way to give back to communities we serve and people in need," Bryson stated. "This has allowed myself along with my GET Team to participate in volunteer activities on a large scale, such as helping to deliver 16,000 Thanksgiving dinners to a local homeless shelter for the past two years."

Along with his Blues record label, I55 Productions LLC, Bryson also created the Never Forgotten Foundation, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit charitable organization that focuses on providing unconditional resources and aid to the world's poverty-stricken and impoverished population as well as a multitude of relief efforts for various philanthropic causes.

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