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Depending on your business type, you may need a specific merchant account classification.  Each account is assigned a merchant category code and some codes are considered high-risk by the Card Associations (Visa & MasterCard)

We provide daily deposits for your processor

During the sign up/application process, we will ask you to provide us with a voided check from your business checking account so we know where to send your payments.

Once you send a completed application we will determine if a reserve is needed?

Your gateway account comes with an in- depth administration area, which features advanced reports, standard reports and customizable reports which are all updated in real-time.

Just click on here and one of our knowledgeable team members will contact you to assist with the application process 

Most likely, yes.  We have our Application Programming Interface (API) available, which is easily integrated in almost all existing shopping cart programs.

A chargeback is when the cardholder contacts their credit card company and disputes a transaction. There are a number of reasons why the issuing bank will deliver a chargeback against your merchant account depending on what the cardholder tells them. Some examples include when the  cardholder does not recognize the company which issued the charge, if the card was used fraudulently, if the customer is not satisfied with product/service and so on.

You will receive notice either by  mail or via fax.

Yes, the OrbitalPay gateway includes a virtual terminal for manual transactions.

Yes. You must authorize the credit card for at least one dollar ($1.00) upon initial sign up. We recommend that you offer a paid trial for a limited time. It helps attract a more serious consumer base, and has less incidents of fraud.

Yes under certain circumstances. Please contact us to discuss further.

Orbital Pay provides both direct merchant accounts and technology to compliment your business and provide you the people, processes, and technology to help you succeed.

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